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Contemporary Praise & Worship

Some 35 years ago, a New Pentecost swept the world in a spiritual explosion causing grand scale conversions. People responded with new music out of a desire to share God's love and to praise Him. Initially launched with guitar and tambourine, praise and worship music has evolved into a phenomenon that has transformed the way the church sings. Straightforward and instantly memorable, worshipers are freed from the burden of juggling hymnals and able to focus their attention completely upon God – bringing them into a deep experience of the Lord's presence.

In our 25+ years as Liturgical Music Ministers, we have seen the implementation of contemporary praise and worship transform hearts and lives – and entire churches.

Rushing Wind Music is dedicated to enhancing your church's liturgical worship celebrations. We have compiled a list of song suggestions for various parts of the Liturgy. We provide links to song-use permissions, point you to websites for downloading these songs so your group can learn them, and give you links to download charts. We also provide brand new Liturgical acclamations / responses, Psalms and praise songs by Michael Lewis.

Spirit-Filled Evangelism Births Praise & Worship
Because contemporary praise and worship was birthed out of vibrant evangelism, we are including extensive resources for this Holy Spirit renewal. A renewal that has swept through every major denomination and is at the heart of the thriving charismatic evangelical churches. To date, over 116 million Catholics have been part of the Charismatic Renewal -- a movement which has enjoyed the full support and blessing of Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II. During Pentecost 2004, Pope John Paul II implored the Lord to release the Holy Spirit and His spiritual gifts upon ALL Christians in EVERY church. It is the power of the Holy Spirit that will bring about the New Evangelism and unite the Body of Christ as one.
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